Creative Direction/Visual Identity/Design/Illustration Mariana Andrade
Content and Research Inesplorato
Client Ambev Worldwide

︎︎︎ The presentation “SOMOS – Liderança Sênior” was made 
for Ambev Worldwide, by Inesplorato.

The visual storytelling was thought out around the situations of detachment that women suffers in leadership positions.

Taking that into consideration, 
I drew 3D forms detaching and ‘broken steps’ to illustrate a damaged staircase and show 
the difficulties women have 
to overcome to rise in the leadership path.

SOMOS was created to raise awareness about female leadership and it is a recurrent project at Ambev.

The project was widely 
discussed inside the company and later evolved to multiple materials, such as pre-reading and post-reading contents, newsletters, guides, toolkits 
and reports.

This presentation was built in three languages – Portuguese, Spanish and English.

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